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Coming Home by LunaAlexiel Coming Home by LunaAlexiel
Hell yeah, another photomanip/drawing
first I did the manipulatin and made it look more like painted, than I draw Mirage
I hope my best fried Sara won't be angry with me, since I promised, I would now take care of her OC...but when I think about Mirage it's just coming
she such a broken mess and a real bitch...still claiming, that she doesn't have any feelings and just doing her job...

Yeah...Mirage, of course...just doing your job, first fall in love with Jon, than leaving Winterfell for your brother, allthough you know he's dead "Once ya go black, there's no turning back", when Jon arrives at the wall returning back to Winterfell, leaving Jon and hide your secret feelings, Robb takes care of you, since he liked you a long time ago, and when the Starks prepare for the battle, you leave them again, breaking Robb little, sweet heart to do what?
Visiting your old, destroyed, burned down home...

I'm sorry...really sorry...
I will write more on it later

Theme Song for this moment: Calls Me Home by Shannon LaBrie
Mirage's Theme Song: Skinny Love by Birdy

Other Songs I've listened while creating this:
Derezzed by Daft Punk (to hear something diffrent)
Frozen Oceans by Shiny Toy Guns (actually Shea's Theme Song [OC by my best fried Sara])
Hide & Seek [Otto Knows Remix] by Imogen Heap (Hide & Seek is the Theme Song for Robb and Jon about Mirage)
Level Two by Avicii (keeps my mind free)

Grassy Field by :iconfoxstox: you can't really see it anymore, I just used the grass and put in the middle because it made it looked soo much better than without
More Cliff Stock 164 by :iconthe-strawberry-tree: on the bottom left...I started out with the idea, that Mirage would stand upon that cliff, but yeah...
Ruin by the sea by :iconqueenselphie: In the middle with flames, used to be the old outpost...but hell yeah...everything is GOOOONEEEEE! Or burned...well, still burning
Stock - Arundel Castle 1 by :icongothicbohemianstock: yay, old Lysander Castle...on right still burning, for now more than 16 years
Skyscape by :iconaldalambe: dunno took me the whole day to find a sky and I found nothing I liked...even this as beautiful it is wasn't I wanted, but after plying around I really fall in love with it!
Transparent Fire Pack 1 by :iconshutupandwhisper: oh yeah, there are 3 packs, if you don't have them you have to download them, they're awesome!
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April 4, 2012
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